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Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup (For Black Sesame Dumplings Dessert) 薑糖水【配芝麻湯圓】

Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup-3(This was an entry that I wrote at the end of August. It is one of my favourite pieces, but unfortunately, I was busy in September and didn’t have time to complete it. I am now finally able to publish this belated post)

It was overcast today. I look out of the window to my office, and in the vast Canadian skies, I see an infinity sea of clouds, each layer distinctly separate from the other, identified by their different shapes and shades of grey

The temperature is on the lower end for a late August day. 18 degrees Celsius. A slight breeze brings with it the smell of looming rain. Little whirlwinds of a few dried leaves dance in the corners of building, signalling to us that the cusp of Fall is right around the corner. Continue reading “Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup (For Black Sesame Dumplings Dessert) 薑糖水【配芝麻湯圓】”

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Liebster Award – Supporting New Bloggers on the Block

LiebsterI received the nomination for the Liebster Award from Linda @ Today She Loves. Thank you for the nomination, Linda. As a new blogger on the scene, your visits and comments to my blog have been such words of encouragement for me to keep writing. Continue reading “Liebster Award – Supporting New Bloggers on the Block”

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Steamed Salmon with Black Bean and Garlic Paste 【蒜茸豆豉蒸三文魚】

Steamed-Salmon-with-Black-Bean-Paste-1我從小便喜歡入廚。我常常問我媽咪有甚麼可以幫忙。可是她的答案很多時候是幫她切薑絲,蔥絲,這些最悶的功夫。我不明白,為甚麼要切成絲那麼麻煩?切蔥花不是更快捷方便嗎? Continue reading “Steamed Salmon with Black Bean and Garlic Paste 【蒜茸豆豉蒸三文魚】”

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Steamed Salmon with Black Bean and Garlic Paste 【蒜茸豆豉蒸三文魚】

Steamed-Salmon-with-Black-Bean-Paste-1Me: “Can I help you?”

Mom: “Sure!”

Me: “What can I help with?”

Mom: “Julienne the ginger and green onions.”

Me: “Again??? Why is it always julienning ginger and green onions???”

This is a common conversation in my mom’s kitchen. I was always eager to help, but she always gives me the the most mundane tasks. It’s either cutting ginger, green onions, or peeling garlic. Continue reading “Steamed Salmon with Black Bean and Garlic Paste 【蒜茸豆豉蒸三文魚】”

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Portuguese-Style Chicken Rice Casserole【葡國雞飯】

Portuguese-style-chicken-rice-casseroleAlthough this dish is called Portuguese-style chicken rice casserole,  it in fact did not originate from Portugal. It was invented in Macau, a former Portuguese colony that is located on a tiny peninsula and island in southern China. The city, which is full of historical features with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, is now more famous for its reputation as the Las Vegas of Asia, where the first thing that greets you when you arrive on the ferry is the blinding lights of casinos and hotels.

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How to Make the Perfect Fried Rice + Basic Fried Rice Recipe【如何做好吃的炒飯 + 炒飯食譜】

Fried Rice with PrawnsBefore going into university, I had almost zero kitchen experience. My only experience in the kitchen were several attempts (and I call them attempts) at baking cookies. I still remember the look on my brother’s face when he tasted my first culinary product: he took a bite off the cookie, chewed with the loudest crunch I have ever heard (it sounded like he was chewing on concrete). Stopped. Thought a bit, and said “It tastes like rocks, with bubble gum inside”.

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Chinese Barbecue Ribs 【焗叉燒排骨】

Chinese-Barbecue-RibsFamily recipes pass down from mother to daughter, from father to son. These recipes have been tweaked to perfection by parents through the many times that have made the dish. They subtly hold the cooking knowledge and wisdom that have been accumulated through years of experience in the kitchen. These family recipes are like a treasure box of knowledge, carefully bestowed to us children. It is a gift.

Unfortunately, many times, they also lack key details that is a necessity for one that is novel to the kitchen. This was what happened to me.

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Difference between Pork Side Ribs and Pork Back Ribs


I was confused. Standing in the supermarket, staring at the butcher shelves, I was trying to decipher the difference between “pork side ribs” and “pork back ribs”. For me, the only thing that differentiated the two was the price; the pork back ribs are more expensive than the side ribs. Much more.

“But what is the real difference?” I wondered.

And so I bought both.

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Soft and Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies 【軟身朱古力 / 巧克力脆片曲奇】

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip CookiesLast Friday, a girlfriend of mine came over for dinner. I love having people over for dinner, because it lets us to eat comfortably without the conversation-interrupting, albeit nice, service of a restaurant’s wait staff. Plus, we can talk for as long as we want over empty plates of finished meals without the pressure of the constant glare from the hungry guests waiting at the door.

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Mango Pomelo Sago 【楊枝甘露】

Mango-Pomelo-SagoWith the sight of supermarket shelves loaded with colourful fruits of the season, it is hard not to notice that the sign of summer is near. Walking past the mangoes in the supermarket aisles, I can’t help but smell the sweet fragrance permeating through the air from the overly ripe fruits. It is as if the nectar from the mangoes are begging me to take them home.

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