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Pork Dumplings 【鮮肉餃子】

Pork Dumplings-1

It’s been many years since I wrapped my own pork dumplings. There are so many frozen varieties in grocery stores nowadays that there is no need to make my own. It came at the spur of a moment one day when my significant other asked me to pick up some frozen dumplings from the grocery store. They are his go-to convenience foods and he always need a batch in the freezer.

However, being ever more conscious about what ingredients go into my food, I decided to return to my roots and make my own.

Though the folding could be tedious, the repetition and concentration that it requires diverts my focus from the stresses of the day, which is always much needed. Continue reading “Pork Dumplings 【鮮肉餃子】”

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Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu Stirfry【魚香茄子豆腐】

Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu stirfry-3I have always been a disciplined person. My belief is that life without a plan makes for one that is unproductive and a waste of precious time. As such, I have always been very regimented with my schedule in order to make use of every second in the day. However, this regimented way of life, if not cautious, could slowly and unknowingly become monotonous. Each day would become black and white, colourless, and tasteless. One day no different than the other.

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Chinese Barbecue Ribs 【焗叉燒排骨】

Chinese-Barbecue-RibsFamily recipes pass down from mother to daughter, from father to son. These recipes have been tweaked to perfection by parents through the many times that have made the dish. They subtly hold the cooking knowledge and wisdom that have been accumulated through years of experience in the kitchen. These family recipes are like a treasure box of knowledge, carefully bestowed to us children. It is a gift.

Unfortunately, many times, they also lack key details that is a necessity for one that is novel to the kitchen. This was what happened to me.

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Onion Braised Pork Chops 【洋蔥豬扒】

onion-braised-pork-chop-1Growing up, one of my mom’s go-to dishes is the onion braised pork chops. I loved the flavor of the sauce, which has the saltiness of soy sauce, complemented by the sweetness of the slightly caramelized onions, along with its hint of spiciness. But the texture of the pork chops were always dry and chewy, and unfortunately, was at times almost like chewing on the bottom of a leather shoe.

Lately with a craving of good, juicy, tasty pork chops, I set out to re-make my mom’s recipe, with the goal of replacing the rock hard meat with some tender, flavorful ones. Continue reading “Onion Braised Pork Chops 【洋蔥豬扒】”