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My Grandmother’s Hakkah Tea Cake【客家茶粿】

Grandma's Hakkah Tea Cake-1April passed by like a whirlwind. Work was so busy and stressful that I felt constricted to the point of suffocation. But I still made time to be in the kitchen despite the hectic schedule. Baking gives my mind respite, as it brings me to a mental place where the only thing that needed my attention was the amalgamation of butter and sugar in the stand mixer. The high pitched whirring of the mixer evokes a sense of calmness and concentration that gives my mind peace, giving my brain a chance to recuperate and myself to unravel from the stresses of the day. During this time, it was sweets that dominated my kitchen, and the outcomes were a flurry of cookies, biscottis, and even ice cream. Continue reading “My Grandmother’s Hakkah Tea Cake【客家茶粿】”