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French-Style Blueberry Tart【法式藍莓撻】

Blueberry Tart-1-2
It is blueberry season. As I walked into the store one night, boxes of blueberries were lined up neatly in front, welcoming me and beckoning as if they were asking me to take them home. The price too, was much more reasonable than usual. Unable to resist the temptation, I bought two large boxes – one box to eat freely, and the other to make a blueberry tart. Continue reading “French-Style Blueberry Tart【法式藍莓撻】”

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Chinese Green Bean/Mung Bean Soup Dessert with Rue Herb 【臭草綠豆沙】

Green Bean Dessert Soup-1

Summer came fast and furiously. The month of May is barely over, but today’s temperature already reached above 30 degrees celsius. I welcomed the sweltering heat by immediately putting on my summer clothes and my newly purchased sandals first thing this morning. Continue reading “Chinese Green Bean/Mung Bean Soup Dessert with Rue Herb 【臭草綠豆沙】”

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Strawberry Fruit Tart (and Tart Shell from Scratch) 【草莓水果撻】

Strawberry Tart-1Every homecook has had a cooking experience that makes them wince whenever they think back. For me, that is making a fruit tart.

The last time I made a fruit tart, it was for my parents’ dinner party. Eager to impress my family friends, I spent many hours over 3 days baking the perfect tart shell, meticulously cutting up the fruits, and making sure I whisked up the smoothest custard. Shockingly, I found that my efforts were disappointingly rejected when I went home and discovered the beautiful, colourful fruit tart had remained untouched in the fridge. Scarred by that memory and fearing the rejection again, I haven’t made a fruit tart since. Continue reading “Strawberry Fruit Tart (and Tart Shell from Scratch) 【草莓水果撻】”

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Black Forest Cake【黑森林蛋糕】

Black Forest Cake-1-6My birthday cakes were Black Forest cakes for most of my childhood. Made by Chinese bakeries, the fillings were made with cherry-flavoured jellies and did not have any kirsch in order to make it family and child-friendly. But these alterations removed the spirit of the cake, making it a bit dull and lackluster. Continue reading “Black Forest Cake【黑森林蛋糕】”

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Apple Pie and Pie Dough from Scratch【蘋果批】

Apple Pie-1I love to bake.

Many years ago, the start of a new job gave me more free time to to explore my creative side. I have always loved baking, not only because I love to eat baked goods, it is also because the results could be used as gifts that no one could resist. Also, baked goods, unlike many other craft projects I did in the past, do not accumulate as clutter at home, thus allowing me endless room for infinite creations. Continue reading “Apple Pie and Pie Dough from Scratch【蘋果批】”

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Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup (For Black Sesame Dumplings Dessert) 薑糖水【配芝麻湯圓】

Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup-3(This was an entry that I wrote at the end of August. It is one of my favourite pieces, but unfortunately, I was busy in September and didn’t have time to complete it. I am now finally able to publish this belated post)

It was overcast today. I look out of the window to my office, and in the vast Canadian skies, I see an infinity sea of clouds, each layer distinctly separate from the other, identified by their different shapes and shades of grey

The temperature is on the lower end for a late August day. 18 degrees Celsius. A slight breeze brings with it the smell of looming rain. Little whirlwinds of a few dried leaves dance in the corners of building, signalling to us that the cusp of Fall is right around the corner. Continue reading “Ginger Cane Sugar Syrup (For Black Sesame Dumplings Dessert) 薑糖水【配芝麻湯圓】”

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Mango Pomelo Sago 【楊枝甘露】

Mango-Pomelo-SagoWith the sight of supermarket shelves loaded with colourful fruits of the season, it is hard not to notice that the sign of summer is near. Walking past the mangoes in the supermarket aisles, I can’t help but smell the sweet fragrance permeating through the air from the overly ripe fruits. It is as if the nectar from the mangoes are begging me to take them home.

Continue reading “Mango Pomelo Sago 【楊枝甘露】”