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How to Cook Faster – 6 Tips I Learned from Jamie Oliver

Tips to Cook Faster-1-2When I first moved away from home, I diligently followed recipes. Step by step, I would put together the meal as per the instructions. The meals were mediocre, not bad for a beginner I suppose. However, from the time that I entered the kitchen to the time that the meal was finally served, it would take about 2 hours. As much as I loved to cook, it was exhausting, and after a long work day, the thought of a 2-hour cooking marathon did anything but encouraged me to enter the kitchen.

Until Jamie Oliver changed my life.

I was flipping channels one evening and stumbled upon Jamie Oliver’s show, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. The title of the show was appealing, especially for someone like me who has been trying to figure out how to cook dinner under 1 hour. So, intrigued, I sat down and watched. Continue reading “How to Cook Faster – 6 Tips I Learned from Jamie Oliver”

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如何在30分鐘內快煮一餐: 從Jamie Oliver身上學到的6大秘訣

Tips to Cook Faster-1-2我初搬離家時,並沒有太多煮飯經驗。那時候,每一次煮飯都用上差不多兩個小時,但是做出來的卻是普普通通的。我雖喜歡下廚,但是每一次都要用那麼多時間,真的有點受不了。

直至有一天,我看了Jamie Oliver 的一個電視節目。 Continue reading “如何在30分鐘內快煮一餐: 從Jamie Oliver身上學到的6大秘訣”

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How to Make the Perfect Fried Rice + Basic Fried Rice Recipe【如何做好吃的炒飯 + 炒飯食譜】

Fried Rice with PrawnsBefore going into university, I had almost zero kitchen experience. My only experience in the kitchen were several attempts (and I call them attempts) at baking cookies. I still remember the look on my brother’s face when he tasted my first culinary product: he took a bite off the cookie, chewed with the loudest crunch I have ever heard (it sounded like he was chewing on concrete). Stopped. Thought a bit, and said “It tastes like rocks, with bubble gum inside”.

Continue reading “How to Make the Perfect Fried Rice + Basic Fried Rice Recipe【如何做好吃的炒飯 + 炒飯食譜】”

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Difference between Pork Side Ribs and Pork Back Ribs


I was confused. Standing in the supermarket, staring at the butcher shelves, I was trying to decipher the difference between “pork side ribs” and “pork back ribs”. For me, the only thing that differentiated the two was the price; the pork back ribs are more expensive than the side ribs. Much more.

“But what is the real difference?” I wondered.

And so I bought both.

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