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Portuguese-Style Chicken Rice Casserole【葡國雞飯】

Portuguese-style-chicken-rice-casseroleAlthough this dish is called Portuguese-style chicken rice casserole,  it in fact did not originate from Portugal. It was invented in Macau, a former Portuguese colony that is located on a tiny peninsula and island in southern China. The city, which is full of historical features with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, is now more famous for its reputation as the Las Vegas of Asia, where the first thing that greets you when you arrive on the ferry is the blinding lights of casinos and hotels.

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How to Make the Perfect Fried Rice + Basic Fried Rice Recipe【如何做好吃的炒飯 + 炒飯食譜】

Fried Rice with PrawnsBefore going into university, I had almost zero kitchen experience. My only experience in the kitchen were several attempts (and I call them attempts) at baking cookies. I still remember the look on my brother’s face when he tasted my first culinary product: he took a bite off the cookie, chewed with the loudest crunch I have ever heard (it sounded like he was chewing on concrete). Stopped. Thought a bit, and said “It tastes like rocks, with bubble gum inside”.

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