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Chinese Braised Beef Brisket with Daikon and Chu Hou Sauce 【柱侯蘿蔔牛腩】

Braised Beef BrisketA new job recently marked the end of one routine and the beginning of another.

A part of this new normal is to pack lunch everyday. Before, there were many inexpensive, delicious, and (one might disagree) healthy food joints around my previous workplace. Unfortunately, the location of my current job is situated in an area where food is expensive, and also laden with sodium, oil, and whatever additives to make the food to maintain their freshness without losing their appeal. After eating out several times, I was craving for home-cooked meals for lunch. That left me with no choice but to prepare my own lunches. Continue reading “Chinese Braised Beef Brisket with Daikon and Chu Hou Sauce 【柱侯蘿蔔牛腩】”