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Turnip Cake【蘿蔔糕】


Turnip cake is a traditional Chinese New Year dim sum. Like every traditional dish, each household has their own recipe, with various tweaks, slightly different ingredients, and methods. Continue reading “Turnip Cake【蘿蔔糕】”

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French-Style Blueberry Tart【法式藍莓撻】

Blueberry Tart-1-2
It is blueberry season. As I walked into the store one night, boxes of blueberries were lined up neatly in front, welcoming me and beckoning as if they were asking me to take them home. The price too, was much more reasonable than usual. Unable to resist the temptation, I bought two large boxes – one box to eat freely, and the other to make a blueberry tart. Continue reading “French-Style Blueberry Tart【法式藍莓撻】”

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Pork Dumplings 【鮮肉餃子】

Pork Dumplings-1

It’s been many years since I wrapped my own pork dumplings. There are so many frozen varieties in grocery stores nowadays that there is no need to make my own. It came at the spur of a moment one day when my significant other asked me to pick up some frozen dumplings from the grocery store. They are his go-to convenience foods and he always need a batch in the freezer.

However, being ever more conscious about what ingredients go into my food, I decided to return to my roots and make my own.

Though the folding could be tedious, the repetition and concentration that it requires diverts my focus from the stresses of the day, which is always much needed. Continue reading “Pork Dumplings 【鮮肉餃子】”

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Chinese Green Bean/Mung Bean Soup Dessert with Rue Herb 【臭草綠豆沙】

Green Bean Dessert Soup-1

Summer came fast and furiously. The month of May is barely over, but today’s temperature already reached above 30 degrees celsius. I welcomed the sweltering heat by immediately putting on my summer clothes and my newly purchased sandals first thing this morning. Continue reading “Chinese Green Bean/Mung Bean Soup Dessert with Rue Herb 【臭草綠豆沙】”

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My Grandmother’s Hakkah Tea Cake【客家茶粿】

Grandma's Hakkah Tea Cake-1April passed by like a whirlwind. Work was so busy and stressful that I felt constricted to the point of suffocation. But I still made time to be in the kitchen despite the hectic schedule. Baking gives my mind respite, as it brings me to a mental place where the only thing that needed my attention was the amalgamation of butter and sugar in the stand mixer. The high pitched whirring of the mixer evokes a sense of calmness and concentration that gives my mind peace, giving my brain a chance to recuperate and myself to unravel from the stresses of the day. During this time, it was sweets that dominated my kitchen, and the outcomes were a flurry of cookies, biscottis, and even ice cream. Continue reading “My Grandmother’s Hakkah Tea Cake【客家茶粿】”

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Strawberry Fruit Tart (and Tart Shell from Scratch) 【草莓水果撻】

Strawberry Tart-1Every homecook has had a cooking experience that makes them wince whenever they think back. For me, that is making a fruit tart.

The last time I made a fruit tart, it was for my parents’ dinner party. Eager to impress my family friends, I spent many hours over 3 days baking the perfect tart shell, meticulously cutting up the fruits, and making sure I whisked up the smoothest custard. Shockingly, I found that my efforts were disappointingly rejected when I went home and discovered the beautiful, colourful fruit tart had remained untouched in the fridge. Scarred by that memory and fearing the rejection again, I haven’t made a fruit tart since. Continue reading “Strawberry Fruit Tart (and Tart Shell from Scratch) 【草莓水果撻】”

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Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu Stirfry【魚香茄子豆腐】

Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu stirfry-3I have always been a disciplined person. My belief is that life without a plan makes for one that is unproductive and a waste of precious time. As such, I have always been very regimented with my schedule in order to make use of every second in the day. However, this regimented way of life, if not cautious, could slowly and unknowingly become monotonous. Each day would become black and white, colourless, and tasteless. One day no different than the other.

Continue reading “Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu Stirfry【魚香茄子豆腐】”

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Chestnut Braised Chicken Wings【栗子炆雞翼】

Chestnut Braised Chicken-1-8今年十二月特別暖。對我來說並不是一件懷事,因為我現在步行上班。暖一點的天氣令到上班方便得多呢!話雖如此,我還是掛念冷冷的冬天。我起歡那種如薄荷般清新的空氣和白白的雪景,還有暖暖的火爐。

栗子是歐洲傳統的聖誕食品。我最喜歡我媽媽煮的栗子炆雞。而我最喜愛的並不是雞翼,而是那些炆軟的栗子,送飯間直一流! Continue reading “Chestnut Braised Chicken Wings【栗子炆雞翼】”

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Chestnut Braised Chicken Wings【栗子炆雞翼】

Chestnut Braised Chicken-1-8It has been an exceptionally warm December here this year, and I welcome this mild weather. It makes my daily commute to work easier as I walk now.

Nonetheless, I miss the cold. People often complain about the cold and inconvenience that winter brings. Somehow, the light reflected from white snow, the sight of billowing smoke from chimneys, and the minty fresh air contrasted with the warmth of the indoors gives me a sense of coziness that nothing but this freezing season can replicate. Continue reading “Chestnut Braised Chicken Wings【栗子炆雞翼】”